Storytelling Strategies for Impactful Change

Savvy Storytelling for Tourism Professionals

Travel can be a powerful force for good. But it can also cause environmental damage and hurt local communities. How can your destination or tour company use storytelling to be part of the solution instead of the problem?

Coming Soon! Storytelling Strategies for Impactful Change: A Course for Travel Service Providers and Destination Representatives

This course includes:

  • Content specific for both destination representatives and travel service providers.
  • Overview of destructive storytelling currently used in tourism marketing and communications with better alternatives.
  • Suggestions for more inclusive and responsible content (text, imagery, etc.) creation.
  • Ideas for how to talk about difficult or problematic environmental and social issues.
  • Tips for helping frontline service providers tell better stories as ambassadors of a destination to help activate change.
  • Understanding of consumer psychology and behavior change - and the role language plays.
  • Better understanding of responsible storytelling strategies specific to a destination’s environmental, socio-cultural, and historical background.
  • So much more!

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