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Let’s get right to the point: You are doing important work and people should know about it.

Maybe you’re helping provide education or employment for underprivileged or marginalized people in your community.

Perhaps you’re delivering clean water or electricity to remote regions of the country.

Or maybe you run a citizen science project that invites people to help track wildlife, restore marine habitats, or test soil samples.

If your organization, project, or business supports local people, engages in biodiversity initiatives, or addresses a social or environmental issue in some way, it’s time for the world to hear about it.

Social impact projects, social enterprises, and locally focused organizations are essential for sustainable development. But you could use some help:

  • Attracting attention and, ultimately, more funding.
  • Structuring the story you want to tell.
  • Getting people to take action.
  • Creating tourism-related partnerships that increase exposure.
  • Working through your challenges with other social enterprises that understand your pain points.

Don’t conduct your important work in a silo. There is a powerful way to share what you’re doing with a massive, interested audience.

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It’s time to demystify all that terminology!

This guide is a go-to resource to help make sense of 50+ common words and phrases related to sustainable tourism (yes, even that murky term “sustainable tourism” is defined!).

This A-to-Z collection touches on topics related to the environment, tourism supply chain, consumer behavior, and more.

Recent Articles for Social Enterprises & Organizations

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Rooted Resources for Social Enterprises & Organizations

May 25, 2020

This social enterprise has established a model that economically supports formerly homeless people, educates local residents about homelessness, and provides tourists with a new way of visiting a destination.

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April 27, 2020

G-Guides, a company offering virtual tour guide training that transforms sightseeing providers into creators of authentic experiences, sustainability communicators, and educators, addresses sustainable development goal #4.

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Additional Information and Insight for Travel-Related Social Enterprises & Organizations

Tourism for SDGs - A platform developed by the UNWTO packed with resources and recommendations for integrating the sustainable development goals into tourism initiatives.

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