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Whether you are considering a career in tourism or have just started one, welcome to the community!

Despite the pandemic pause caused by the coronavirus, the travel and tourism industry is expanding and evolving every day. As an industry woven into destinations and throughout communities around the world, tourism plays a vital role in advancing, supporting, and amplifying sustainable development on a global scale.

You may have heard the saying that travel is a force good — and it can be if you approach your work mindfully, responsibly, and with a sense of curiosity and humility.

Regardless of your ultimate tourism career path, start with a solid foundation. Learn about:

  • How tourism can support the UN’s sustainable development goals.
  • Approaching tourism from a bottom-up perspective led by locals.
  • The importance of mindful messaging, marketing, and communications.
  • How storytelling can empower people and help them connect with each other in a tourism context.
  • Why transparency about complicated social and environmental issues is essential for developing a safer, more equitable, and more sustainable future for tourism.

You are entering an industry filled with creative thinkers and passionate global citizens committed to making the world a better place. Rooted is here to guide you with the tools, resources, ideas, and inspiration you need to ensure you confidently navigate the tourism industry with responsibility and integrity from day one.

Elevate your storytelling skills!
Strategic Storytelling for
Travel Service Providers:
A Master Class Series

Travel writing can be problematic.
You are the solution.
Responsible Travel Writing:
A Course for Content Creators

It’s time to demystify all that terminology!

This guide is a go-to resource to help make sense of 50+ common words and phrases related to sustainable tourism (yes, even that murky term “sustainable tourism” is defined!).

This A-to-Z collection touches on topics related to the environment, tourism supply chain, consumer behavior, and more.

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Rooted Resources for Students & New Professionals

June 24, 2020

This playbook highlights creative collaborations born from the global coronavirus lockdown, but these ideas offer inspiration and a model for resiliency during future crises for both content creators and tourism partners.

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Additional Information and Insight for Students & New Professionals

Destinations at Risk: The Invisible Burden of Tourism - This report details the unrealized burdens travelers place on destinations (such as waste management and increased cost of living) along with tools and systems to address them. It was commissioned by the Travel Foundation and co-published with Cornell University’s Centre for Sustainable Global Enterprise and EplerWood International.

Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency - A global community of organizations, companies, destinations, and individuals working together to find and support climate-related solutions within the tourism industry.

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong about the World — and Why Things are Better Than You Think - People think in extremes. This book uses data to highlight some of the misconceptions the media (and society in general) perpetuate. It also offer strategies for recognizing and thinking beyond those misconceptions.

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