Welcome to Rooted, a solutions platform at the intersection of sustainable tourism, storytelling, and social impact.

Rooted’s mission is to responsibly document, support, celebrate, and share sustainable travel-related initiatives that prioritize local communities and the planet — and to help others do the same.

Since 2019, the tourism industry has turned to this platform for innovative ideas, storytelling strategies, learning opportunities, and resources.

How can Rooted help you?

For Travel Experience Service Providers & Destinations

Support communities' holistic wellbeing and sustainable development goals by helping passive travelers become active global citizens using ethical storytelling and sustainable tourism communications strategies.

For Travel Media and Content Creators

Unlock the potential of your critical role and use your influence for responsible storytelling in travel and tourism.

For Travelers

Approach your travels with intention, a sense of curiosity, and an open mind -- then share your travel stories with intention. This results in a positive social impact and demand for more responsible tourism.

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