Creating a world where sustainable tourism is the default way to experience travel is an industry-wide responsibility.

Destinations need to prioritize and empower local people, appropriately promote social enterprises as tourism opportunities, and use responsible messaging to engage the right travelers. Service providers need to act as environmental and cultural ambassadors, using their front-line interaction with travelers to have hard but honest conversations about universal challenges. And content creators need to understand how to navigate their perspective and built-in bias, and choose their words and imagery wisely. With the power of persuasion and influence comes incredible responsibility.

As a whole, the tourism industry needs to set aside the sanitized stories and destructive practices it embraced in the past. Travelers need to be made aware of the privilege that comes from visiting someone else's home, and it's possible to do this in a way that is equitable and empowering for everyone.

Tourism industry professionals can integrate meaningful experiences into community sustainable development goals. Together, they can turn passive travelers into engaged global citizens.

This list of resources is ongoing and influx. It is carefully curated to make sure you have the very best, most comprehensive information at your fingertips, regardless of your role.

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Resources by Sector

For Travel Experience Service Providers & Destinations

Support communities' holistic wellbeing and sustainable development goals by helping passive travelers become active global citizens using ethical storytelling and sustainable tourism communications strategies.

For Travel Media and Content Creators

Unlock the potential of your critical role and use your influence for responsible storytelling in travel and tourism.

For Travelers

Approach your travels with intention, a sense of curiosity, and an open mind -- then share your travel stories with intention. This results in a positive social impact and demand for more responsible tourism.

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