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Strategic Storytelling for Travel Service Providers:
A Master Class Series

If travel truly is a “force for good,” then its ripple effects need to have a positive impact. One of the most powerful ways to put that wave in motion is with intentional and mindful messaging.

Your tour company or destination is built on story, but are you taking full advantage? It’s time to turn passive travelers into engaged global citizens … simply by harnessing strategic storytelling.

This five-part, a la carte series of master classes covers:

  • How to improve your travel-related messaging, communications, and storytelling today
  • How to develop responsible and inclusive communication
  • Best practices for sharing your sustainability story
  • How to enhance on-the-ground storytelling opportunities
  • Empowering local storytellers for more responsible, transparent, and memorable stories

Responsible Travel Writing

Designed for both new and seasoned travel writers, Responsible Travel Writing is a self-paced course that provides writers with the tools and techniques they need to minimize tourism's harm and maximize its benefits in the course of their work while passing a similar message on to their readers.

Learn best practices for on-the-ground reporting, responsibility in the writing and publishing process, and how to approach the job responsibly as traveler, writer, and global citizen. Content includes in-depth information on problematic language choices and article structures; perception, bias, and subjectivity; the connection between sustainability and storytelling; travel ethics; and how to recognize and dismantle colonialism in travel writing.

This course includes 11 modules, one bonus module, dozens of videos and graphics, insight from editors and industry leaders, lesson prompts, and additional resources for ongoing learning.

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