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Responsible Travel Writing for Content Creators 

Designed for both new and seasoned travel writers, Responsible Travel Writing is a self-paced course that provides writers with the tools and techniques they need to minimize tourism’s harm and maximize its benefits in the course of their work while passing a similar message on to their readers.

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8 Modules

Self Directed


Ethical Storytelling for Travelers
in partnership with RISE Travel Institute

Learn strategies for avoiding stereotypes, choosing the right words, sharing balanced narratives, and navigating power dynamics. Walk away feeling confident that when you share your next travel experience with others, you’re doing so in the most ethical way possible.

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Self Directed

Content Creators

The Travel Writing Ecosystem

Get a big picture overview of what influences travel media, the pros and cons of local versus fly-by storytellers, how media bias shows up in travel writing, and ways for writers to move from inspiring and informative content to stories that create awareness and encourage action.

Price: $49 / $42 / $35