Whether speaking to audiences from the stage, in workshop settings, on podcasts, or through virtual conferences, Rooted's founder, JoAnna, encourages listeners to think deeply and ask questions.

They walk away reflecting about the experience and eager to continue the conversation — ready to take action long after her words have faded away.

WITS Travel Creator Summit by Wanderful, Piotr Zagiell

JoAnna has given keynote presentations, led numerous guided conversations, participated in panel discussions, and held workshops in professional and academic settings.

She also offers expertise as a guest on podcasts and radio shows.

Speaking Appearances Include:

JoAnna is an award-winning public speaker who believes in the collective power of those working within the tourism ecosystem. Her intention when speaking to groups of any size is to inspire and motivate — as well as challenge the status quo and seed a sense of curiosity, agency, and empowerment.

She has spoken about — or is qualified to speak on — the following topics:

  • Sustainable / responsible travel (trade or consumer focus)
  • The connection between tourism and regenerative practices
  • Radical transparency and accountability
  • Ethical communications and marketing strategies for tourism industry professionals
  • Responsible travel writing, content creation, and story sharing
  • Decolonizing tourism storytelling practices
  • Celebrating local communities through storytelling
  • Tourism challenges and innovative social solutions
  • Using challenges as storytelling tools in tourism
  • The connection between community tourism and the climate and biodiversity crises
  • Tourism as a tool to elevate and amplify women
  • The intersection of social impact and sustainable tourism
  • Importance of the solutions-focused mindset
  • Amplifying community-led solutions in a global-focused world
  • Trail tourism
  • The importance of asking "why?" and "how?"
  • Pitching media / selling your story to writers

ABVP Travel Fest 2023: Marília Maia e Moura

Podkarpackie Tourism Forum 2023: AEROMAT (Podkarpackie.Travel)


University of Florida

JoAnna brought professionalism and personality to our panel which addressed undergraduate students on sustainable tourism practices as they relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Her specific and relevant case studies made the concepts concrete, and I really valued her passion that ignited college students in our challenging online environment. I am grateful to have had her expertise!

Amy Brown - Graduate Assistant, Challenge 2050 Project

She's Wanderful

Great overview of critical issues in travel inequity and unsustainable travel practices. Wonderful actionable tips for building back better, moving forward. No shaming, just acknowledgement of how everyone can do better. Knowledgeable presenter with clear, simple language in presenting and great responses to audience questions. Well done, Wanderful and JoAnna!

Green Destinations

JoAnna hosted an inspiring workshop on storytelling at Green Destinations’ conference on sustainable tourism practices. In a time of virtual conferences overload, JoAnna managed to captivate the audience and keep their attention to the end. Moreover, JoAnna elegantly pointed everyone’s attention to those questions tourism professionals often avoid by showing the hidden potential and direction when talking, showing, and promoting the world we share. I am truly grateful for the cooperation.

Dikte Gronvold - Events Team

GX Peru

JoAnna is an incredibly knowledgeable speaker on all topics relating to responsible travel and community tourism, which was our topic of focus at the first World Community Tourism Summit held in Cusco, Peru. She is articulate and creative in her responses, delivering many 'mic-drop' moments throughout the panel conversation. JoAnna is also easy to work with, organised and professional in her approach. I would recommend JoAnna as a speaker for any event needing a dynamic and educated speaker on topics relating to sustainable travel and storytelling.

Podkarpackie Tourism Forum

JoAnna Haugen delivered a lecture on regenerative tourism and sustainable development at the 2nd Podkarpackie Tourism Forum. It was a pleasure to have her as a guest in Rzeszów, Poland. Her lecture was incredibly inspiring and informative. JoAnna presented excellent examples of how we can contribute to protecting our planet. We were impressed by her passion and commitment to the topic. She focused on the essence of regenerative tourism, not only highlighting problems but also offering solutions and insights on how the tourism industry can implement these solutions.

It was a truly inspiring experience that encouraged the Podkarpackie tourism industry to reflect on their own travel choices and activities in the tourism sector.

Event Organizers - Podkarpacka Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna

Podcast Appearances Include:

Good Awaits Podcast
Traveling with AAA podcast
Curious Tourism podcast

JoAnna would love to speak at your next conference,
lead a workshop at your next event, or be a guest on your podcast.
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