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Whether you’re a writer, blogger, influencer, photographer, videographer, podcaster, or some other content creator working in the travel and tourism industry, you have a job that many people envy.

But you know being a storyteller is hard work, and with that hard work comes incredible responsibility.

After all, your job lets you interact with interesting people, participate in engaging activities, and see incredible places … but you also have the difficult decision of deciding what deserves coverage and how to approach and frame every single piece of content you create.

Your job is more than just creation. You must:

  • Decide who or what you will feature — and who or what you will leave out.
  • Think critically about word choice, imagery, messaging, personal perspective, and historical and cultural context.
  • Know where to find and how to incorporate underreported stories, people, or social and environmental issues that bump up against tourism.
  • Understand how the content choices you make impact the behavior and actions of readers, listeners, followers, and fans.
  • Stay on top of new ways to approach travel content.

And you need to do that over and over again, even as you juggle travel plans, assignments, and relationships that keep your career afloat while avoiding burnout and animosity about content creation that many people consider "soft." 

As a powerful influence bridging travelers with the places they visit and the communities they encounter, you play a critical and often under-recognized role in the tourism industry. Rooted is here to provide you with the tools, resources, ideas, and inspiration you need to fuel this important work and confidently navigate the relationship between sustainable tourism and responsible storytelling.

Travel writing can be problematic.
You are the solution.

Responsible Travel Writing:
A Course for Content Creators

Embracing Influence: What Content Creators Can Do To "Build Back Better" Webinar produced by Rooted

Content creators: You are key gatekeepers for helping travelers make smart, responsible, and thoughtful decisions. Your influence matters a great deal. People look to you for advice, and the behavior you model has an impact, especially for younger consumers and women.

This 40-minute webinar highlights nearly 20 ways content creators can “build back better.”

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Rooted Resources for Travel Content Creators

June 24, 2020

Collaboration + Storytelling Solutions in Times of Crisis: A Playbok for Content Creators and Tourism Partners Produced by Rooted

This playbook highlights creative collaborations born from the global coronavirus lockdown, but these ideas offer inspiration and a model for resiliency during future crises for both content creators and tourism partners.

Get the Resource

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Additional Information and Insight for Travel Content Creators

Resources for writers:

Solutions Journalism Network - Educational resources and support for solutions journalism.

Cultural Appropriation for the Worried Writer: Some Practical Advice - What to know about appropriation and writing outside your identity.

Impact Travel Alliance Media Network - Join a community that harnesses the power of different types of content creators and provides them with a platform to match with relevant brand opportunities (such as press trips and sponsored campaigns), as well as the opportunity for them to collaborate and cross-promote.

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong about the World — and Why Things are Better Than You Think - Journalism often thrives on extremes. This book uses data to highlight some of the misconceptions the media (and society in general) perpetuate. It also offer strategies for recognizing and thinking beyond those misconceptions.

10 Responsible Practices in the Ethical Influencer’s Toolkit - Actionable ideas for being more environmentally, socially, and culturally mindful.

Focus on These 3 Pillars to Be a Responsible Travel Writer - Three areas every travel writer must consider in developing more responsible content.

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