Rooted’s Founder JoAnna Haugen

Hi, I'm JoAnna Haugen


I am a solutions-oriented writer, editor, and public speaker working at the intersection of sustainable travel, environmental conservation, and community-based advocacy efforts. I am also the founder of Rooted.

The values that guide my work

Personal & Professional Principles

  • Be curious and respond with purpose.
  • Ask from a genuine place of interest. Listen from a place of humility.
  • Elevate and celebrate the voices of those who aren't traditionally heard.
  • Explore even the smallest solutions to the biggest problems.
  • Tread lightly on the earth. Highlight and encourage sustainability so others can live fulfilling lives.

Want To Get In Touch?

I am available as a writer, editor, speaker, podcast guest, or workshop facilitator. I am also available as a collaborator on a variety of sustainable tourism projects.

If you would like to work with me, head on over to my professional website where you can find out more about what I can offer.

More About Me

Creativity Connoisseur

For more than a decade, I have written for and collaborated with publications, development organizations, and international brands to amplify people, projects, and news in an increasingly noisy world.

Worldly Wanderer

Though I am currently living as an American expatriate in Kyiv, Ukraine, my journey to this point started on a matatu stuck in the mud during monsoon season in rural Kenya.

Passionate Writer

I enjoy working on challenging and creative projects that tackle complex issues, especially as they relate to the travel and tourism industry. I love to light a fire in people through high-quality storytelling.

Solutions Storyteller

 I especially appreciate working with clients, editors, and producers who want to amplify compelling narratives from underrepresented parts of the world.