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Thinking about and delivering travel opportunities is what you do. And chances are, you are always thinking about how you could do your job just a bit better.

Because, while you may think about travel experiences and tourism trends all the time, for most people, travel is a luxury item. People often save up for many years before investing in a trip. They seek inspiration, do extensive research, and seriously weigh their options before making any decisions. 

During this long and contemplative customer journey, you have lots of opportunities to touch potential travelers. How you make that contact — and the stories, language, imagery, and messaging you use along the way — can turn a potential traveler into someone who books a trip. Beyond that, the storytelling strategies you use can:

  • Support local businesses, community initiatives, and social impact projects.
  • Remove the guesswork when it comes to talking about social and environmental issues.
  • Create powerful word-of-mouth marketing for your destination or tour from travelers.
  • Provide a platform for people who don’t get a chance to share their stories.
  • Activate long-lasting and financially beneficial relationships with travelers and collaborations within the tourism industry.

This is a win-win-win-win situation for travelers, local communities, your business or destination, and the tourism industry. And it all starts with responsible storytelling.

Stay connected to Rooted for the tools, resources, ideas, and inspiration your destination or travel-related company needs to better understand and improve its sustainable tourism efforts, specifically through better storytelling practices and more mindful integration of social impact initiatives.

Strategic Storytelling for
Travel Service Providers:
A Master Class Series

The Story that Keeps on Giving: 3 Tourism Opportunities and Their Positive Ripple Effects Produced by Rooted

Every destination is unique and different from every other destination in some way. They all have that “must see” site, well-known festival, local tradition, and popular meal. The challenge is turning that attraction, event, or dish into a story — a story people want to share with others.

This free guide provides three specific storytelling strategies you can put into action today..

Recent Articles for Travel Service Providers & Destinations

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Rooted Resources for Travel Service Providers & Destinations

June 24, 2020

Collaboration + Storytelling Solutions in Times of Crisis: A Playbok for Content Creators and Tourism Partners Produced by Rooted

This playbook highlights creative collaborations born from the global coronavirus lockdown, but these ideas offer inspiration and a model for resiliency during future crises for both content creators and tourism partners.

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Additional Information and Insight for Travel Service Providers & Destinations

9 Tips for Hosting a Climate-Conscious Press Trip - Travel service providers hosting content creators must keep the climate crisis in mind. Avoiding the issue is not only an irresponsible business practice, but it’s also tone-deaf in a world acutely attuned to global warming. These nine tips challenge previous practices and offer new ideas for promotion with a climate-focused lens.

A Travel Advisor Guide to Ethical Travel Marketing Right Now - Ethical marketing tips for the tourism industry in the wake of COVID-19.

Destinations at Risk: The Invisible Burden of Tourism - This report details the unrealized burdens travelers place on destinations (such as waste management and increased cost of living) along with tools and systems to address them. It was commissioned by the Travel Foundation and co-published with Cornell University’s Centre for Sustainable Global Enterprise and EplerWood International.

5 Ways for Travel Businesses to Reduce Carbon Emissions - A beginner's guide for travel companies beginning their decarbonization journeys.

DestiMED Ecotourism Footprint Calculator - A detailed questionnaire destinations can use to determine their ecological footprint. This was built upon Global Footprint Network's data; you can read more about that organization here.

MEET Manual - A guide for developing ecotourism activities that incorporates the ecological calculator.

Indigenous People and the Travel Industry: Global Good Practice Guidelines - Practical, international guidelines for integrating community-based experiences into tour offerings. Developed by G Adventures and the International Institute of Tourism Studies at the George Washington University.

How Tourism Can Better Invest in Women as it Rebuilds - Insight into why empowering women in tourism is important and specific actions companies can take to support equality in their operations.

Indigenous Culinary Directory - Compiled by the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, this directory supports media, travel trade, businesses, and consumers with information about the Indigenous culinary experiences across Canada.

Resilient Destinations - Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these resources can be used by industry professionals to mitigate crisis conditions at any time.

Fostering Sustainable Partnerships with Community-Based Tourism Initiatives in Bolivia - Guidelines that serve as a gateway for providers interested in establishing meaningful and appropriate relationships with local communities anywhere in the world.

Hiking Iceland’s Glaciers: An Opportunity to Talk About Climate Change’s Effects - Suggestions from an Iceland-based tour guide on how to engage travelers in climate-related conversations — in Iceland and beyond.

History of Black Travel - A resource created by the Black Travel Alliance focused on amplifying major Black voices in the travel space across a multitude of categories.

The Art of Storytelling for Case Studies - This step-by-step process details how to use storytelling to create compelling case studies so they are interesting and accessible.

Sustainability Toolkits from the AITO Climate Crisis Think Tank - Sustainability requires action. This collection of toolkits offers actionable information on carbon emissions, animal welfare, sustainability in the office, plastic reduction, social enterprises, and safeguarding children.

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