Strategic Storytelling for Travel Service Providers:
A Master Class Series

Turning Travelers Into Engaged Global Citizens

If travel truly is a “force for good,” then its ripple effects need to have a positive impact. One of the most powerful ways to put that wave in motion is with intentional and mindful messaging.

Your tour company or destination is built on story, but are you taking full advantage? It’s time to turn passive travelers into engaged global citizens … simply by harnessing strategic storytelling.

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Strategic Storytelling for Travel Service Providers: A Master Class Series

This 5-part, a la carte series of master classes covers the following topics:

How to Improve Travel-Related Messaging, Communications and Storytelling Today
  • Understanding what mindful storytelling is and why it’s essential
  • Evaluating current communications
  • Identifying 3 key areas for immediate improvement
How to Develop Responsible and Inclusive Communication
  • Navigating the catch-22 of tourism marketing
  • Key questions in developing communication materials
  • Recognizing and correcting problematic issues commonly found in travel-related storytelling
Best Practices for Sharing Your Sustainability Story
  • Clearly communicating your sustainability commitments
  • Thinking creatively about accountability
  • Helping other people tell your brand story
How to Enhance On-the-Ground Storytelling Opportunities
  • Breaking down destructive tourism myths
  • Using challenges as story starters
  • Developing cohesion across a trip or destination
  • Engaging travelers in a way that activates behavior change
Empowering Local Storytellers for More Responsible, Transparent, and Memorable Stories
  • Understanding how stories currently shape the travel experience
  • Unlocking the relationship between storytelling and sustainable development
  • Identifying local, unexpected storytellers

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